Golden Cup

Last week, we attended to Campus Party in Valencia. At CampusBot area, some robots competitions took place along the week and we had our line followers ready to fight. The results were pretty good: In the qualifying session on Tuesday we got the fastest two times with our two robots and in the finals on Saturday (being held at Ciudad de Las Artes y Las Ciencias) we managed to win the two first places in the podium !

 Here you can see some videos:

Slayer S8 during our first training rounds:

Slayer S8 from a speed view like if it was an F1 camera 🙂 running at more than 2,5m/s:

Slayer S8 at Semifinals Round against the later 4th classified:

It was a great week and the robots performed pretty well in such a speedy track. I might upload some more media when I finish collecting all the videos and pictures from the event.

My colleague Alberto Calvo and me are already thinking in our next robot which will have some kind of inertial control based on gyroscopes and accelerometers. I’ll keep the blog up to date.

Special thanks to our teammates and friends Luis-Ángel Gónzalez and Daniel de la Torre who drove more than 800 km by car just to watch the final rounds and support us (well and to have a nice Paella in front of the beach). Thanks guys!

More to come,