Month: March 2009

Creating library signatures for IDA

I’ll briefly explain how to generate the signature file for a given library in order to import it from IDA Pro and get the library functions identified by the disassembler (which can save you hours from digging into ‘well-known’ functions).

Requirements: FLAIR tools installed.

Execute the COFF parser

> pcf ms32.lib miracl

ms32.lib: skipped 0, total 432

>sigmake miracl miracl

You might get collision errors here:

See the documentation to learn how to resolve collisitions.
: modules/leaves: 9021136/432, COLLISIONS: 382

At this point, just edit the .exc file, remove the comments in the first lines and re-execute the sigmake command.

Now you’ll see a miracl.sig ready to be imported from the FLIRT signatures window in IDA Pro.

Daniel Álvarez

Windows Mobile – Routing audio through the Earpiece (PPC / SmartPhone)


I’ve developed a little application that switches the audio output from the rear speaker to the front one and viceversa. This is useful for VoIP applications which are quite unusable without headphones since the audio comes from the back speaker. It just runs for 10 minutes and it’s supposed to work at least with the latest HTC models.

Download PocketPC Trial version:

Download SmartPhone Trial version:

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information.