I’ll briefly explain how to generate the signature file for a given library in order to import it from IDA Pro and get the library functions identified by the disassembler (which can save you hours from digging into ‘well-known’ functions).

Requirements: FLAIR tools installed.

Execute the COFF parser

> pcf ms32.lib miracl

ms32.lib: skipped 0, total 432

>sigmake miracl miracl

You might get collision errors here:

See the documentation to learn how to resolve collisitions.
: modules/leaves: 9021136/432, COLLISIONS: 382

At this point, just edit the .exc file, remove the comments in the first lines and re-execute the sigmake command.

Now you’ll see a miracl.sig ready to be imported from the FLIRT signatures window in IDA Pro.

Daniel Álvarez