Windows Mobile - Routing audio through the Earpiece (PPC / SmartPhone)


I've developed a little application that switches the audio output from the rear speaker to the front one and viceversa. This is useful for VoIP applications which are quite unusable without headphones since the audio comes from the back speaker. It just runs for 10 minutes and it's supposed to work at least with the latest HTC models.

Download PocketPC Trial version:

Download SmartPhone Trial version:

Don't hesitate to contact me for any further information.



  1. Why only work for 10 minutes? if i were to use skype, it would most likely lasts longer than that. can you change this such that, there is an exit button (or menu option), and upon selection of this button, the PPC's state would revert to whatever it was before the application started (or the audio was rerouted)? I think this would be more practical than 10 minutes limit. thanks! I thihnk eBay/Skype should hire you or at least buy your product to put in Skype, it was very annnoying that the sound comes out of the speaker.

  2. please for symbian :)

  3. Hello,

    I'm a Senior Technical Consultant on HP iPAQ products covering the European Region and I have a Customer interested in this audio switch application you developed.

    In case my Customer is interested, could you tell me how you would like to proceed in terms in testing and licenses cost.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Best regards,


  4. Thanks a lot! Great program.

  5. You are a genius!!! You should sell this to Skype. They have a mobile Skype client since couple years ago and never, never addressed this issue.

    In the mean time, will be good to have a configurable utility to auto switch audio when certain application is running.

    Excellent work!! Congratulations

  6. I can't get it to work on a HTC Excalibur/ Tmobile Dash. Then again it's not exactly the newest HTC phone. Oh well. Thanks anyway.


  8. Hello,

    From back to front is working on my asus P535 WM6.0.
    When I want to revers it, it does nothing.
    (a call to my voicemail, switch to backspeaker and front, and everything is working again normal)

  9. I tried your program and it works BUT the program does NOT allow/work to transfer the audio back to the rear speaker (tried via interface) until soft reset.

    I have an HTC Kaiser running windows mobile 6.1.

    Very impressive start, and certainly willing to buy/donate if this is fixed along with the ability to set timeout via flex options (until changed, 10 mins, 1 hr, etc).

    Thank you,


  10. It's a great idea, but unfortunately didn't work for me. Here are the details:

    o2 XDA Zest (from UK operator o2), running Win Mob 6.1. PPC version of AudioSwitch saved to 'Program files' on the external storage card.

    I chose front speaker, and ran Skype. There was no sound at all, even when I reverted to back speaker. I closed the program, and found that there was now no sound at all on the device.

    Also, all but one of my email profiles disappeared, and one of my wireless access points disappeared off the saved list.

    When I soft-reset the device, the email profiles returned, but the missing wireless access point did not.

    I hope these details are useful for your development.

    Best wishes!

  11. Daniel Gallati

    March 11, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Congratulations! As far as I know, you're the first to achieve this.

    Unfortunately I have the same problem as Ian: the switch back doesn't work. I have to reboot my device.

    I have an HTC Touch HD running original 6.1 german.


  12. Hello,

    I've found a similar application which some more features. I've tried on my Kaiser and works perfectly.

    There's a free version available for download at

  13. Hello Daniel,

    Great work. Also works for me on the Samsung Omnia.

    Regards Paul

  14. I tried it, it works. Reason most people can't switch back is because after 10 minutes it does not allow you to use the buttons to switch back and forth from front to rear or vice-versa. You need to switch back to rear before the 10 minutes are up or purchase the application if available to be purchased.

  15. thnx dani good job for htc 3400 pocket simple vv simple to download n use .carry on wish u from india mumbai

  16. thnx dani gud job bes
    t wishes from mumbai india

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